About us

Who we are

Jeremy Felt, co-owner and lead developer at Happy Prime, has been building on the web for 30 years. He’s a WordPress core developer, has contributed to the last 28 major releases of WordPress, and led the multisite component for several years. He created and is the maintainer of VVV, a popular local development framework focused on WordPress. He believes in free and open source software and loves to help people share their work.

Phil Cable, a senior web developer at Happy Prime, has applied his love of learning and problem solving to web projects for over 10 years. He enjoys developing practical and intuitive ways for people to share and access information.

Stephen Locker, co-owner and web strategist at Happy Prime, believes in the power of open source, open science, and sharing. He has more than a decade of experience leading web strategy and development in higher education. As a web professional, Stephen spends his time working on content architecture, front-end development, and design. Outside of work, he enjoys socializing and good food.

What to expect from us


We welcome new ideas. We actively seek new knowledge through participation in the web development community. We believe in open-source software. We believe in sharing our work and helping others do the same.


We start our process with planning, so that the sites we create align with and support your goals.


We don’t come in with a cookie cutter solution, but work with you to identify the best path for the enterprise.


Highly responsive to your needs.


Capable of building technically complex web solutions. We know the right tools to use and how to use them.

We want to hear from you