Happy Prime is at WPCampus in Portland

We’re excited to be heading to sunny summer Portland this week to join the WPCampus community at Lewis & Clark College for the 4th annual WPCampus conference.

On Thursday, Jeremy will be co-leading a multisite workshop with Rich Tape from the University of British Columbia. Multisite is often the right solution for the complexities of higher education and it will be fun to dive into some of the details with folks that are charged with supporting their schools.

And Steve will be focused on Morten Rand-Hendricksen’s workshop covering the modern theme development framework, WP Rig 2.0. We’ve enjoyed following the progress of WP Rig over the last year and have already started incorporating it into our work.

On Friday and Saturday we’ll be attending a variety of great looking sessions while talking to as many people as possible. Happy Prime started because of our work in higher education and we’re looking forward to continuing that good work. If you see either of us, we’d love to hear about the work you’re doing and the work you’d like to be doing.

And! Last, but not least, this is officially our first conference sponsorship! We’ve really enjoyed the WPCampus community over the last several years and it’s fun to be in a position to support it.

See you in Portland!

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